About the clinic

Our values – quality, efficiency, loyalty, teamwork and respect – have made us one of the most recommended clinics in Lithuania.

About the clinic

From our family to yours

From our family to yours

Both Eugenija and I were fascinated by this profession as children. Back then, I often visited my mother’s dental office and watched her. I was always impressed by her endless care and dedication to each patient. Meanwhile, Eugenija was already sure about what profession she wanted to pursue in the ninth grade. At first, only her father supported her – her mother only took to it later – but today both of them are happy with her choice. We met in our first year of studies and have been inseparable ever since. We started a family in 2002 and are now raising three amazing children – Barbora, Motiejus and Julija. In 2007, we founded the Dental Harmony clinic. We were driven by our huge desire to provide people with all the highest level dental services under one roof. It wasn’t easy at first, but these desires gradually became a reality. Our clinic now has one of the most experienced and constantly improving team of specialists. We provided this team with the most modern equipment available. Our patients can choose from modern, globally recognised treatment methods. Dental Harmony is a family clinic for each and every of you.

Our mission

Consistently working with the patient to restore, preserve and improve dental harmony and the masticatory system.

Our vision

The most recommended clinic in Lithuania and patients who are the most motivated to take care of themselves.

We care

All services under one roof
Our clinic employs specialist from various fields of medicine, uses cutting-edge technological and diagnostic equipment, and has its own dental laboratory, which means that we can provide all services under one roof.
Attention to detail
After carefully listening to your problems and performing a detailed examination of the condition of your teeth and oral cavity, we prepare an individual treatment plan.
Peace of mind
We want you to feel calm and safe with us, so we create an environment that you are comfortable with.
Care for all age groups
We are a clinic for the entire family and we take care of all generations – children, parents and grandparents.


Join our family

Join our family

If you are a professional in your field and are inspired by meaningful work and the smiles of happy people, write to us.


Our partners

We value our partners and are thrilled with our sound cooperation.

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