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A patient of ours shares her experience after having her teeth implanted

Dental implantation today is the only treatment method when the whole tooth from root to crown can be restored. This procedure is performed applying minimal intervention. How do people feel before and after the dental implementation procedure? Laura, a patient of ours, is sharing her experience.


  • This is the only dental clinic where I like the doctors both as people and as professionals. I’d like to recommend your clinic to everyone, because I feel safe and secure here and I’m absolutely delighted after every visit here! Your clinic is No. 1 and I’ll never look for any other! I wish you all the best!

    Diana P., 2017 April
  • Hi everyone,
    I can’t help but share my overwhelming joy regarding the work done by your unmatched team. My special thanks go to Doctors Marius and Beata, who were able to prove that dental implantation as well as any other tooth restoration procedures could be truly painless, which might look unreal at first. I’m also very grateful to Hygienist Neringa for the tooth whitening procedure as well.

    Vytas K., 2017 April
  • Many thanks to the harmonious team of Dental Harmony for a warm and pleasant visit! Doctor Marius, I ‘d like to thank you for your professional job done on my teeth. God has given you some endowments: amazing hands to perform your job skillfully and a heart of gold, allowing you to make your patients feel calm and relaxed by assuring them that everything will be OK. Take care of these special talents! Thank you once again for the teeth and wish you all the best in your work. Grateful and “teethful”

    Stasė A., 2017 January
  • It is an amazing team, all made up of professionals. Always pleasant, friendly and professional service My doctor Eugenija is always in a good mood and full of optimism. She never “prescribes” any solutions, just provides me with all the relevant information and allows me to take an informed decision myself. Good luck in your work!

    Justina A., 2017 January

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