Your first appointment

To make sure your first appointment at our clinic is as smooth as possible, we recommend preparing for it a bit.

Before the visit

Before the visit

Prepare for your first appointment

Think about the questions you want to ask us. If you are afraid of forgetting them – write them down. Come to the clinic 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so you have time to prepare for the procedure and sign the necessary documents. Be sure to have an identity document with you.

Your first visit

At reception

We will ask you to fill out a patient questionnaire and sign a service agreement, and you will have an opportunity to read the clinic’s internal rules of procedure. You will be invited to have a cup of water or coffee, and use disposable oral hygiene products.

In the doctor’s office

The doctor will conduct a dental examination and assess your situation. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe diagnostics, such as dental/panoramic x-rays, a lateral cephalogram or a computed tomography scan.

Treatment plan and price

In dentistry, problems usually have several solutions, so your doctor will discuss them with you. The doctor will give you professional advice and an overview of the prices, and you will decide which treatment to choose.

Individual attention

Regardless of whether you will visit the clinic once or your treatment will continue for a long time, rest assured that our doctors will devote all their efforts to achieve the best result. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions – this will help them get to know you better and find an individual solution.

Your first appointment at our clinic

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Watch video

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Find us

Olimpiečių str. 1A-9, Vilnius

Olimpiečių str. 1A-9, Vilnius

We are located right in the centre of Vilnius, near King Mindaugas Bridge.

Car park

We invite you to use the free car park, which you will find by the main entrance to our clinic.




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