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For the convenience of our patients, we strive to offer all necessary dental services under one roof. In the clinic “Dantų harmonija – Dental Harmony” we are proud to be equipped with a modern CAD/CAM dental prosthetics laboratory, where we design and manufacture dental prostheses. Thus, after a dental implantation procedure the patient usually leaves the clinic wearing temporary teeth.

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Besides, we are the first dental clinic in Vilnius to have obtained a “NobelProcera” scanner, which allows us to accelerate and monitor the manufacturing process of dental prostheses.

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Press HERE to see how a model is being scanned

The scanner scans a dental model and converts the information into high-precision digital data, which are sent to the USA to our international certified partner, who has years of experience in the field. Using the data received, a dental prosthesis milled there, which is then sent back to Lithuania via air mail.


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