Vitalija Tučė

(General) Dentist, Pediatric Dentist
License number: OPL - 04318, OPL - 04985

At Dental Harmony, I feel part of a great team. All colleagues are professionals in their field and work together to find the best solutions for the patient.

“I can help you!”

Every day at work I face problems and fears of patients of all ages about the dental treatment they need and my main task is to help them. My job, then, is to not only to treat the patient, but to understand, listen, explain, and later to motivate the patient to take care of himself. But that is why I like the work of a dentist, which is very diverse.

Small patients are an even greater challenge for the dentist, as it is often much more difficult for small children to express their fears aloud and the fears may be irrelevant to the adult at first sight. However, it is important for a child to feel safe, listened to, and only then the child’s trust in the doctor and their cooperation is possible. At the same time, parental involvement in the child’s treatment is important: who could know the child and help him gain courage, if not his parents? Every treatment or its stage that a child overcomes is a victory for the child himself, his parents and also the doctor. This makes me happy every day, and we become little heroes together with children. This job is the best in the world, isn’t it?


2013-2016 – Residency in Paediatric Dentistry at the Department of Oral Care and Paediatric Dentistry of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences,
2008-2013 – Diploma of Doctor of Dental Medicine at the Faculty of Dentistry of Kaunas Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Medical Academy, Kaunas.

Work experience

Since 2015 – present –  paediatric dentist at Dantų harmonija dental Clinic,
2012-2013 – internship in dentistry at Pakaunė Primary Health Care Centre, Public institution.


Since 2013 – member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber.

Training courses and seminars attended:

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