Monika Pratapienė

(General) Dentist
License number: OPL-04718

Knowing that I want to link my future with dentistry emerged while I was still at school. One of the reasons why I wanted to become a dentist was that I enjoyed visiting dentists. I was fascinated by the nature of their work that I initially saw from the patient’s perspective.

Today, more than ten years have passed after I have chosen my studies, and I can safely say that this is the best solution I have made in my life because at work I can realise myself. My traits such as meticulousness, attention to the smallest detail, love of beauty and my never-ending aspiration to learn and improve, help me achieve extremely good results.

However, aesthetical and high-quality results are not my only goals. It is very important that the patient feels comfortable during the visit, forgetting their fears and finding answers to all the relevant questions they might have.



2010-2015 Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Master studies in dentistry.

Training courses and seminars attended:

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