Monika Bičkovienė

Oral Hygienist
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Beautiful smiles of people took my attention since I was little, and childhood games then were mostly related to medicine, the work of a doctor. It was already clear that my path would lead to medicine.

I admire a healthy and beautiful smile because it is like one’s business card.

My strong personal feature is the desire to help others. It is very useful at my work.. I feel great pleasure in helping people learn how to properly look after and have healthy teeth. Every one of my patients is the most important to me. And the greatest thanks to me as a specialist is the cooperation of the patient to achieve the result, that gives joy.


1994 – 2006 Secondary education with honors. Virbalis Secondary School;
2006 – 2010 Bachelor of Odontology Degree and oral hygienist professional qualification. Kaunas University of Medicine (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences);
2010 January Internship with dentist periodontologist, surgeon and oral hygienist in clinic “Denta” in Kaunas.

Work Experince

2010 – 2011 Oral hygienist and dentistry assistant. UAB “Grand SPA Lietuva” in Druskininkai;
2010 – 2017 Oral hygienist and dentistry assistant.. IĮ Aesthetic Dentistry Center VivaDens in Vilnius;
2017 – present. Oral hygienist and dentistry assistant. Clinic “Dental Harmony” in Vilnius.

Spoken messages

2010 Lectures on the subject “Take care of the teeth and they will serve you”. In Panevėžys “Vyturys” and “Žemynas” secondary schools.
Lessons on dental care, personal oral hygiene, healthy eating. Kaunas City Kindergartens.

Training courses and seminars attended:

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