Eugenija Bučinskienė

License number: OPL - 01717

I had already made a firm decision about my profession when I was in grade 9. Orthodontics, straightening od crooked teeth is a creative and dynamic work. If I had to go back to school now, I wouldn’t change my choice. There is no monotony in this work as I make an individual treatment plan for each patient who has chosen orthodontic treatment. Every individual case is like a new challenge for me!

I rarely complain about a new Monday. For over 14 years, I come to work every morning with pleasure. Most of my patients are school-age children, teenagers. Orthodontic procedures are painless, do not cause discomfort, so communication with young patients is relaxed and fun.

My greatest happiness is when the office door opens and I see my patient stepping in with a wide smile on the face, having got rid of the complexes caused by crooked teeth or irregular bite. Such moments are the best reward! It’s fun to see how a person’s attitude toward smile changes at the end of treatment. When the teeth are straightened, the bite is corrected, some of the patient’s psychological problems disappear as well.

A cosy and friendly atmosphere prevails in the clinic Dantų harmonija, it is easy and fun to work in such environment. After work, I hurry to dance or yoga classes. We raise two little puppies with our children and love travelling.

Looking forward, my main professional goal is to continue going deeper into the science of orthodontics, to develop in the sphere of inner braces yet a little known in Lithuania, and most importantly, to help my patients discover a new life with a beautiful smile – a symbol of success, attractiveness and health!

I love traveling, especially by car, skiing, active recreation with friends. I am interested in dance, yoga and a healthy lifestyle.


1995-2000 – Studied at Kaunas University of Medicine and received master’s degree in dentistry
2000-2001 – Completed initial residency at Lukiškės Branch of Vilnius Centre Outpatient Clinic, Vilnius
2002-2005 – Completed secondary residency in orthodontics at the Clinic of Orthodontics of Kaunas University of Medicine

Work experience

2004-2005 – Orthodontist at Lordenta Dental Clinic in Kaunas
2004-2007 – Orthodontist at Kosmodentas Dental Clinic in Vilnius
2005-2007 – Orthodontist at Ortodenta Dental Clinic in Vilnius
2007 – present – Orthodontist at Dantų harmonija Dental Clinic in Vilnius
2013 – present – Lecturer of Incognito lingual braces for Eastern Europe


Since 2004 – Member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber
Since 2005 – Member of the Lithuanian Association of Orthodontists
Since 2011 – Member of the World Federation of Orthodontists.

Conference papers

1998 – Indirect Brace Bonding (at the conference of the Students’ Scientific Association, Kaunas)
1999 – Premature Loss of Milk Teeth (at the conference of the Students’ Scientific Association, Kaunas)

Training courses and seminars attended:

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